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Domain Name Registration Guide
« on: March 01, 2010, 03:29:12 PM »
Domain Name registration

The domain name is the name of your website, There are many ways to register your domain name for your website.   A valid domain name is essential to promote your website on the internet with the help of good web hosting service provider’s domain hosting options.

Most Internet service providers don’t support domain hosting if you want to change your ISP.  The extension of the URL of your website is the extension of the URL OF ISP, if you have ISP connected Web Site.

There are different successful good web hosting services that provide you good packages with domain registration. Let’s tell you few things to get you clear idea about domain hosting.


If you want to secure the domain name for your web sites, you must register it fast.  1 year is the standard registration period stated in the contract. But if your budget permits you can pay more for registration. The service may interrupt you if don’t get your domain name renewed before the expiry date.


Multiple domain name hosting options are such type of hosting to help you transfer your domain name preferred your primary domain name in the near future. If you have different web sites, then this service is very helpful for you.


Your website will appear easily on the internet, once you get your domain name registered with the help of web hosting provider’s domain registration facilities.

Essential things to remember:

While selecting multiple hosting the things you need to check out are whether required hard disk, sufficient bandwidth and separate e-mail accounts with different unlimited domains are being provided.

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