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Top 6 web hosting control panels
« on: March 05, 2010, 06:40:00 PM »

                 Today most owners of websites are not well acquainted with server configurations as well as its set up. But many turn to control panels of web hosting for scripts to install, for billing to handle and for new accounts to create.  Nowadays there are several web hosting panels available with its attractive features and advantages.  Now let’s look at some popular control panels of web hosting.

   1. Cpanel
   2. Zpanel
   3. Helm
   4. Plesk
   5. Ensim
   6. Direct Admin


   1. Cpanel:

 Most famous web hosting companies offer the most popular control panel Cpanel for people who want to sell web hosting.  In terms of features we can say that Cpanel is most popular sinkable control panel of web hosting.

It takes too much loading time of the web control panels for which it gets stuck.  In the case of older versions of Cpanel it is difficult to search for the features. On the other hand the latest versions have mentioned this difficulty nicely despite its hard find out for Cpanel control panel of web hosting.  Cpanel/ WHM make it very easy to define user accounts, quotas and handle billing cycles. Cpanel creates FTP accounts, e-mails and manages MYSQL for the end user. But some debacles of it in security may give you a problem but that can be quickly resolved as it is not serious.  Cpanel generally costs $425 per year per server, but you can decrease the price rate if you buy it from a licensed distributor.

      2. Zpanel

      If you are looking for the one that can help you run your server then Zpanel may be your best choice.  Zpanel  is set up to handle the functions such as Cpanel. But  the lacks of professionalism of cpanel the control panel of web hosting cannot be overlooked.

      The facilities of Zpanel are some primary reseller features like accounts limits and quotas, DNS administration options, pings and traceroutes etc.  Zpanel offers MYSQL database backup, ftp accounts, file manager and e-mails.  Zpanel has also the facility of auto installation for many popular scriptsBut Zpanel lacks all the billing options to manage a business. But the goo thing is that it is open source to workfor both Linux and Windows.   

      3. Helm Hosting – Web Hosting with Helm Control Panel

      Helm is well known being the best control panel of webhosting.  Though very few holes in its security system can be ignored but still it is secure and flexible.  Hem hosting comprises of administration, site level, end user e-mail level and reseller level.

      You can have e-mail accounts, run cronjobs, FTP accounts.  Instructions of disk space usage, bandwidth usage, server resource usage are also provided for each account. Hem’s pricing is also flexible with licenses. You will have up gradation option in the future.  It is graphical user interface  to support context menus, tree menus and customer buttons.

      4. Plesk

      Plesk is a famous webhosting control panel for those who have sound knowledge in server administration and web hosting. It is flexible and powerful.   It has four level of administration including client, domain owner, server administration and e-mail user.  Experience holders of this software say that minimum 512 MB Ram is required to run Plesk.

      But if you wish to run other applications at the same time when you are using Plesk then at least 1 GB is reguired. Plesk costs around $50 per month.  Plesk can be used on windows or linux. 

5. Ensim Web Hosting:

Frankly speaking the first control panel of web hosting I used was Ensim.  I was not satisfied with its functions. Then I again planned to use Ensim since it had expanded its new feature set with a new structure for control panel.

However we can say Ensim is not considered as a popular chooseable control panel among webmasters.   Ensim features 4 levels of administration. Ensim also features 64 bit support, spam filtering, database administration, Advanced tools of customization and a lot of solutions to make your life comfortable and easier.

      6. Direct Admin:

      Direct Admin is one of the choose able web hosting control panels among many webmasters. It is not as extensive as Cpanel.  Direct Admin has the ability of fastest loading time.  The feautures that you will get are FTP accounts creations, creation of e-mail accounts and manage data bases. But it has 3 levels of administration including server administration, end users and reseller administrator.  The price is around $200/ per year per sever. 

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