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How to Set Up Your Own Website?
« on: April 17, 2010, 11:37:46 AM »
At present, it is too much easy to create your own website and if you decided to get your own website then good news for you that you will have numerous free website potential.  The sites which come in mind first are, Google sites, and Every website provides a comparatively simple way to set up or create your free blog site. You will have also mini blog sites like Hub Pages and Squidoo.

An expert uses Hub Pages, Squidoo, and Google sites and these are not too difficult to set up and provide a level of expediency. The difficulty that you may have with these free services is that you don't own your website and you are restricted as to what you can do. But the single way to have absolute liberty is to own your website. You need to just pay money for your own domain name, subscribing to a hosting provider, and using Word Press as a content management platform.

According to experts’ view, use GoDaddy for all my domain names. GoDaddy is the biggest and in my estimation, it is the most excellent way. Purchasing a domain from GoDaddy is trouble-free, effortless, and reasonably priced. The only annoyance that you may face with Go Daddy is that the path to the check out is filled with add on offers. GoDaddy is one of the top most providers of frustrating offers on the way to the check out.

There are a plenty of hosting providers. Maximum of them are outstanding. However, I use HostGator to host all my websites. Hostgator has provided exceptional service for me over the past two years. Their service department has constantly been punctual, polite, and enduring. One more key point is CPanel. Hostgator uses CPanel. Experts say strongly put forward you confirm whatever hosting provider you subscribe to uses CPanel.

CPanel is an interface that I use to access my servers at HostGator. CPanel is an easy to use control panel that allows me to add domains to my server, install Word Press, Upload themes, upload anything I want, and I can also easily set up email for my domains. CPanel just makes uploading files very easy to accomplish. With CPanel you don't really need an FTP (file transfer protocol) program. CPanel does it all.

Overall there is a last proposal is to use Word Press for your website as it is an open source content management system and it is free. It is uphold by a lot of expert programmers who constantly update and improve the platform. The flexibility of Word Press is extraordinary. There are plenty of free themes available. The mishmash of Word Press and Thesis is too incredible I get keyed up talking about it. Using the Word Press and Thesis mishmash will allow you to set up nearly any website.

In short, you are suggest that you set up your own website and follow the steps –

•Purchase your own Domain name.

•Discover a Host Provider that uses CPanel.

•Use Word Press as your content management system.

•Pay money for a professional theme.

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